Internet Lifestyle: How The Internet and Personal Technology Has Impacted Your Family

Is your family better off or worse off because of the internet lifestyle we live? Never before has it been so easy to be so connected but so disconnected to the world. Future generations are growing up with less communications ability than the current generation. Is that good or bad? Let us weigh the pros and cons of each side to the argument and afterward, you can assess your family to see if you are better or worse off because of the Internet Lifestyle.Are we truly better off with the internet lifestyle? Not, in this time in history, we have more addictions than ever before, more obesity than ever before, more drugs, more sex crimes and the list goes on and on. Many of these things have escalated since the introduction of the internet into our lifestyles. People are like zombies in 2011. People wake up and every waking moment is controlled by technology where they are looking for their next fix. We sit in front of computers all day every day, and then we come home, watch TV, and spend more time on the computer. Entertainment has become the favorite past time in America today.Just look at all the marketing done by billion dollar corporations to retrieve the money out of your pocket. You were convinced you needed an iPads when at the time; corporations for various business applications used a tablet. The marketers of the iPad figured out how to create an eager desire in the people to encourage them that an iPad would make their lives better. Not only were you convinced you needed an iPad, you also was willing to dish out the money necessary to pay a monthly fee for service. Really, how many times do we need to pay for the internet (once on the phone, once on the iPad, and once at home?)The Internet has enhanced our lifestyle greatly. I can remember growing up and having to look into the encyclopedia whenever I wanted to learn something. The Internet has affected everything, from shopping, to staying connected to your family and friends to getting a college education. Think about what you do if you want to learn something. You are able to access the internet from your phone, TV, laptop, desktop, gaming systems, and most other portable devices. Are you living the lifestyle of your dreams through the internet or is the internet controlling your lifestyle.The Internet allows you to save more money and to make money like never before. Are you leveraging the Internet to increase the quality of your lifestyle or are you allowing companies to leverage your money to generate billions? The Internet Lifestyle has afforded many people to make extra money or even a full time living. Are you using the Internet to create the lifestyle of your dreams? If not, are you at least leveraging the Internet to save money? The Internet can enhance your lifestyle in so many ways. I am sure you cannot imagine living without the internet. What else do you want out of life?

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